Use this form to register for Discover Scuba Diving, Conventional Classroom, eLearning confined water sessions and Open Water certification dives. Upon completion you will receive a confirmation email and a reserved space in the course you select. Arrange to pickup a Crew Pak (Enhancement Pak for eLearning) at least two weeks before your course, or login to for the elearning or Open Water Diver Touch course.

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BASC does not have secure server at this time. Payment can be made at the store to secure your spot

Course cost without local certification dives                   $330

DVD  (returnable at end of class)                                     $35

Quarry entry fees                                approximately   $30-40 per day

Mask, snorkel, boots, fins, weightbelt    approximately  $250

Course includes Crew Pak containing dive manual, dive tables & instruction book, log book, skill slate and student folder.  Crew Pak can be mailed to you by calling the store during normal business hours. Please have credit card handy. 301-663-9363 noon to 8pm weekdays or 9-5 Saturday

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Medical form is in PDF format at this link. Please review page one of the Medical Statement. You only need to have your doctor complete page 2 if you answer YES to any of the questions on page one. Most browsers will save this file to your hard drive by holding down the shift key or right clicking on the link.

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