Brass Anchor is proud to announce that we are now hydrotesting cylinders in accordance with 49CFR-180. We test all scuba cylinders, paintball, CO2, CO2 Fire, oxygen, 3A, 3AA, 3AL, SP and 3HT.

Hydro Scuba $30
Hydro CO2/O2 $25
Hydro Paintball $25
Hydro Storage $30
Air Fill $6.60
Doubles Manifold Add $10
Scuba K Valve Repair $10
Plus Parts

Updated 11/25/2016

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weekdays Noon to 8PM, Saturday 9-5
Volume pricing available.
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Test pressure up to 10,000 psi
Cylinder size up to 12" diameter and 60" length.
+10% stamp when specified REE and visual inspection is met.
Quick turnaround time
Scuba cylinders refilled with air or nitrox.
Cylinder retester # D929

Some 3AA cylinders can be stamped with a + mark when hydro tested. The + means it may be filled to +10% over its working pressure. We can stamp these cylinders if the REE value is given by the manufacturer or is marked on the cylinder AND the calculated REE value is not exceeded during testing AND no pits or corrosion are visible on the cylinder.

Most test pressures are 5/3rds the working pressure. This means a cylinder stamped with a working pressure of 3000 psi is tested at 5000 psi. Our high test pressure is currently 10,000 psi which means we can test cylinders with a working pressure up to 6000 psi.
We test on Tuesdays. Cylinders to be tested must be in shop Monday evening.


COST is $25 plus return shipping. Paintball cylinders received by Monday evening for hydrostatic retesting are normally return shipped on Wednesday if paid by credit card. We test any cylinder including CO2, 3AA, 3AL, 3000, 4500, and 5000 psi paintball cylinders. If your cylinder is 2 inches or less in diameter, it is exempt from retesting. We accept most credit cards, or check. (Return may be held until check clears if we cannot confirm your shipping address.)

SHIPPING Empty cylinder. It is not necessary to remove regulator. Wrap cylinder in foam or bubble wrap at least one inch on each side, top and bottom. Stuff box with paper so there are no gaps. We are not responsible for cylinders damaged when received. Do not send with Signature Confirmation or item will not be delivered for days. Cylinders are returned UPS Ground. Use their rate calculator to figure exact shipping cost to/from zip 21701 or simply add $14 for Ground. You will receive email tracking notification from UPS or USPS when cylinder is shipped back to you. Expedited shipping by request.

INCLUDE WITH SHIPMENT Return address, phone, email address, credit card number, CCV number and expiration date (plus billing address if different). UPS cannot ship to a P.O. box. It is a good idea to record your serial number before shipping for tracking purposes. (serial number is not the one that starts with E or SP)

REQUALIFICATION includes disassembly, internal and external visual inspection, hydrostatic retest, assembly. No extra charge for removing or installing valve regulator assembly. (Others charge +$5) We use custom made tools for the proper removal of the VR. Hydrostatic retest must be done every 5 years  for the life of the paintball cylinder (15 year life for most fiber wrap). See your exemption on the web page for specific hydro specifications and due dates. We cannot ship full paintball cylinders. CO2 retest cost may approach new tank cost. Many air VRs and most CO2 VRs fail after 5 years.

ASSEMBLY Paintball cylinders are properly assembled using no more than 1 drop of blue thread lock on valve assembly. Thread lock will prevent the accidental explosive release of compressed air due to valve assembly coming loose.

REPAIRS We can make minor repairs to the epoxy coating for no extra charge. Cylinders with damaged fibers are checked against specified limits and repaired if possible. A damaged cylinder should never be filled. Store and use your cylinder carefully, preferably in a foam neoprene wrap. Most valves and fill nipples can be easily repaired often at little or no additional cost. If you suspect a leak, include a note to leak test your valve. Valves are not normally leak tested when the hydro test is done.

VISUAL PLUS eddy current testing is not required for paintball cylinders.

STICKERS Do not apply stickers to your paintball cylinder. The only stickers on the cylinder should be the manufacturers label and any retest stickers the hydrotester applies. Remove any stickers you applied from your cylinder before sending. We use a smaller retest sticker on all paintball HPA.. Do not paint any carbon composite cylinder. Opaque coatings inhibit the required inspection of the cylinder.

CASCADING FILL CYLINDERS It is a proven fact that more paintball cylinders can be filled to a higher pressure from a set number of scuba or storage tanks when they are cascaded. This means you start with the lowest pressure storage tank and work up to the highest pressure storage tank until the required fill pressure is reached. Number your storage or scuba tanks so they are used in the proper order. We have scuba tank to Foster QD adaptors for filling.

How many fills can I get when filling from a scuba cylinder?

PAINTBALL COMPRESSORS We have recently found an air tank that was corroded so bad the air was leaking from the fiber wrap. Several grams of aluminum oxide were poured from the tank. When high pressure air is mixed with moisture, rapid corrosion occurs. So much metal is lost that a tank can leak or explode in as little as 6 months. This is why it is important that all paintball high pressure compressors have integrated desiccant filter stacks that are serviced every 50 to 100 hours. A desiccant filter that is ignored will pass water to the paintball tank and damage it quickly. (This tank is available for inspection at our shop.). Compressors for sale

DISCLAIMER In order to retest the cylinder, the VR must be removed. Some valve/regulators (VR) have been installed improperly by the paintball industry. To much thread lock or the wrong type of thread locker may prohibit removing of the VR. Red thread locker (red Locktite) is a PERMANENT thread lock. We use manufacturer's recommended tools and procedures when removing the VR. We are not responsible and will not replace any cylinders or VR's that are damaged because VR cannot be removed or break off from the cylinder. This has happened to a very small number of cylinders and is caused by improper assembly. Using a torch to soften thread locker is prohibited and will damage the aluminum cylinder.

QUESTIONS? Happy to answer any questions about your cylinder retesting cycle. 301-663-9363 between noon and 8PM weekdays or 9-5 Saturdays

1" x 1 3/4" retest sticker used on HPA paintball
Detail blurred to prevent fraud