EDUCATION SCHEDULE  updated 5/1/17
Dates are subject to change START DESCRIPTION COST
Open Water 


Monthly, See OW schedule. Click here for a detailed schedule of class & pool dates.
Fee includes bc, reg, tank, weights, & shorty wet suit for pool. No discount if you use your own.
PADI OW DVD available.

A Referral is where certification dives are done at another location - Caribbean resort, Florida
Dates are for first classroom session. It is followed by 2-3 classroom sessions and pool sessions. Some classes are compressed. See schedule.
Course $357 includes classroom, pool & Rental Equip   +  CrewPak $93 = $450
OW DVD $35
$174 (2016) for PADI Elearning (online) or PADI Touch (offline)
Adv. O/W 

May 20 & 21 @ Lk Phoenix
May 26 - 29, 2017 on Florida trip

5 specialty dives over 2 days. Includes deep & navigation dive requirements
with 3 electives based on where dives are done.
Some classes are in combination with trips.
$195  Plus book + Rental gear
Reserve any rental gear needed.

July 6 & 8, 9    class & cert dives with Jim A.

Classroom sessions held at BA & at quarry dates at Lk Phoenix.
2 quarry days with 12 different rescue scenarios.
$195  Plus book + Rental gear
Reserve rental gear needed
Emergency First Response   EFR covers CPR, rescue breathing, circle of care, and other medical information such as choking, poisoning, splinting a broken bone, etc.  Watch DVD during class.  Prerequisite to Rescue Diver. $85 Plus book
EFR Refresher Can be done with scheduled class The Refresher concentrates mostly on CPR and Rescue Breathing. It updates participant to latest information. $65 Bring book
Scuba Review with

PADI Reactivate!

 Class 10-12,  Pool 12:30-3p
A little rusty? Been over 2 years since that last dive? Do less than 3 dives per year?
This confidence builder may be for you. Pool Sat 12:30-3p, Sun 9:30am - 12pm  
REACTIVATE has online classroom, then a Quick Review at the shop.  After the pool session, your PADI card will be reissued with new photo & date of reactivation.
$80 + PADI fee of $60?
Includes pool session & 1 tank & new card
Pool Play Time
Scuba Skills Update
June 10, 2017 12:30 - 3pm
Call Shop for Reservation
Your chance to get some pool time, test your gear or try some new gear. Rental equipment available.
Hood College Pool,  Sat 12:30-3p, Sun 9:30am - 12pm
Pool $25
Pool + tank $30
Pool, tank, reg, BC   $45
Enriched Air Diver Call shop Learn how oxygen enriched air can increase your bottom time for a safer dive. Learn how to do the calculations and use new tables (incl). Class is 2 evening lectures or 1 weekend afternoon. $105 plus books & tables
+ DVD price  ~$99
Discover Scuba Call shop Try SCUBA to see if you like it.  We gear you up in shallow area of pool. Supervised tour of deep end.
There is paperwork to fill out and a booklet to read.  Please arrange to pay for and pick up the booklet ahead of time.  If under 18, parent signature is required on the paperwork.  Bring a  towel and bathing suit.  Must call shop to sign up.
Times: 11:45am Sat. @ BASC; Pool 12:30-3p: 8:45am Sunday @ BASC; Pool 9:30a-12p
Wreck by request - easily done on FL  trips or other vacations Provides an introduction to wreck diving. 4 dives required. Last dive is a wreck penetration dive with lights and wreck reel. $150
Deep by request - easily done on FL  trips or other vacations 4 dives required - first one is usually done as part of Adv. OW $150
Boat by request - easily done on FL trips or other vacations 2 dives required $85
Drift by request - easily done on FL trips or other vacations 2 dives required $85

Dates may change. Every attempt is made to keep this list updated. You should call the store to confirm starting date and sign up for class. Open Water class must be paid in full at sign-up. 

Click on PADI for PADI's description of the course.

See classcam for instant view of schedule posted in the store.